A controversial blogger who calls herself a “friend” of neo-Nazis was tapped to join the New York Times editorial board on Tuesday — but she rapidly pulled her nomination after an avalanche of backlash ensued.


Quinn Norton — whose previous work includes a lengthy essay sympathetic to the notorious neo-Nazi internet troll known as Weev — was supposed to join the newspaper as a “lead opinion writer on the power, culture and consequences of technology,” according to a statement.

“We’re excited to have Quinn to help our readers understand what’s possible and what’s sensible, and where we’re all headed,” The Times said in the statement.


But The Gray Lady backpedaled on that glowing assessment of Norton after Twitter users pointed to her checkered past.

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“We are very concerned about the tweets that are circulating today and are looking into the matter,” Danielle Rhoades Ha, the paper’s vice president of communications, told the Daily News.

A few hours later, Norton announced that she would not be joining The Times after all.

“I’m sorry I can’t do the work I wanted to do with them. I wish there had been a way, but ultimately, they need to feel safe with how the net will react to their opinion writers,” she posted as part of a chain of messages, one of which asserted that she believes that “all people are redeemable.”

James Bennet, The Times’ editorial page editor, confirmed to The News that Norton will not join the board. “This was new information us,” Bennet said of Norton’s inflammatory Twitter history.

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Among Norton’s questionable statements are a string of tweets from October 2014, in which she billed herself a “friend” of Nazis.

“I have been friends with various neo-Nazis in my time,” she tweeted. “I have never agreed with them, and I’ve been clear on that.”

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